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  • A 20-Year-Old Homeopathic Pills For Piles, Fissure And Fistula​
  • For Internal & External Hemorrhoids, And Blood Spilling Hemorrhoids
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1. Safety is our Priority

Your Safety is our Priority. Our Formula is made for you as to get rid of Piles/Fistula from it’s roots.

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Use this Product and get good riddance from Piles/ Fistula , say bye to piles

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Causes Of Piles

  • Constipation– if there is constipation you will put more strain while passing stool and that will indirectly increase the intra-abdominal pressure and affect upon the rectal venous pressure
  • Hard stool- if you have hard stool due to lack of taking fibres rich diet then it will make you to give more strain during stool and cause piles
  • Chronic hyper acidity and flatulence
  • Prolonged sitting for hours together
  • Lack of physical activities – Lack of physical activities affect the smooth rhythmical peristaltic bowel movement thus contribute a factor for developing constipation and piles.
  • Obesity– the gaining weight or obesity also plays a role for developing piles
  • Pregnancy-the pregnancy also contributes a factor of increasing intra-abdominal pressure and developing piles.
  • Chronic diarrhoea also have the chance of developing piles,

Get Rid Of Piles!

The pain and other symptoms can be well treated by our homeopathy formula. In comparison to other homeopathy therapies, our formula helps to give a long-term cure to piles as it target to improve the underlying cause of the disease. In conventional treatment the surgery is the major option. Surgery is just a management part of treatment where there is heavy bleeding or not availability of any good homeopathy treatment. The surgery is meant for removal of the swelled venous portion especially in 4th grade of piles. But removal of that swelled haemorrhoid at any stage is not the solution of long-term cure but just the management of the present situation. In this regards our age-old homeopathy medicine target to treat the causes that responsible for causing piles like chronic constipation, chronic acidity, and flatulence so that piles can be cured permanently.